Super ESX for FiveM

Welcome to S-ESX for FiveM

Demonstration Server: In-Game SESX Demonstration Server(

S-ESX is a modified and megapack install of the ESX framework, which in turn is built upon Essentialmode. It's important to mention that these guys are the heavy lifters when it comes to writing code. We just wrapped it all in seran wrap so you can easily install a full featured ESX server.

Built Upon:

  1. FiveM
  2. Essentialmode
  3. ESX
  4. Qalle's scripts

The initial release of the pack is currently in testing and has not been released. You can help get us through this process more quickly by joining the server on FiveM, finding bugs, deficiencies or resources that could be replaced with improved versions and sharing them either via opening an issue on our Github page or posting in our Discord.

Latest Events

New lscustom

New lscustom uploaded to demo server

A new version of esx_lscustom has been uploaded to the server. While offering a more polished ingame experience, this version of the script is quite old so there may be compatiblity issues with newer expansion vehicles. Report any issues on our Github issue tracker.